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Certified sworn translator

Hi! My name is María Basterra and I am a sworn translator certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2009. In that time I have translated over 1,000 documents and assisted more than 300 people and companies to get their documents ready so they can meet their goals.

María Basterra - Traductora jurada certificada
official translations

Sworn translationservices

Do you live in the US and need to have your official documents translated? Do you need translations of your certificates to study or work in Spain? Do you want to take part in a tender in Spain or abroad?

You have booked your accommodation, signed your contract, secured a place in college, found that business opportunity… that was the toughest part, and you made it. Now do not let a bad translation complicate the process, make you start from scratch or even miss the chance of your life.


Do you need a sworn translation from/into English?

from/into English?

If you are going to study in Spain or work in a Spanish university you will need a sworn translation of your documents: Transcripts, Degree certificates, bank statements, Criminal records, Birth or Marriage certificates, agreements… even though I have translated these documents a thousand times, for me each translation is unique, as well as each client’s circumstances. You trust me to guide you through a planned life experience – that is why everything must be perfect. Professionalism and adaptability are my way to thank you for that trust.

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Trust one of thebest known translators in Navarra

Send me your scanned documents and you will receive a customized quotation in less than 24 hours. Once it has been accepted, we will agree on the deadline and other details. Let’s get down to work!  

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María Basterra - Traductora jurada certificada

¿Cuántas veces has sentido la impotencia de estar hablando con un cliente extranjero en inglés y no entender al 100% todo lo que te dice? ¿O no has podido dormir la noche anterior a una conference call por miedo a que no te salgan las palabras o no entiendan lo que estás diciendo? O quizás has vivido algún momento incómodo cuando las diferencias culturales crean una brecha entre tu cliente y tú.

Descubre tu nivel de inglés de negocios

María has been collaborating with the Chamber of Commerce since 2014, teaching English courses specialised in International Trade and Business. Her students have always rated her performance really high, regarding both her knowledge of the subject and her pedagogical skills. A valuable member of our team of collaborators, and one of our most trusted teachers, she is one of the teachers most requested by our companies.
Celia Poza
Head of Training Chamber of Commerce of Navarra
She is a 100% trustworthy, collaborative, creative, flexible, and always willing to make things easy for us. Not one negative rating in over 6 years collaborating with our company, teaching more than 200 people. She has a knack for motivating and entertaining her audience even in 5-hour-long teaching sessions.
Cristina Zariquiegui
General Manager Club de Marketing de Navarra
It has been many years collaborating with María, and she has always shown willingness to find the best possible solution. She has always met deadlines and requirements of every translation project, showing really high quality as both sworn translator and interpreter.
Jon Arbizu
Jon Arbizu, Manager of Traducciones CCI, Centro de Comunicación Internacional
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María Basterra has been the recipient of the European Fund of Regional Development, which aims to improve competitiveness among SMBs, and thank to which she has launched an International Digital Marketing Plan to improve her online positioning in foreign markets in 2020/21. In order to do so she has counted on the support of the Programme XPANDE DIGITAL of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Navarra.

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