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Who I am?

Can you imagine what it feels like to hold an ancient document and restore it? This is how I feel when you entrust me with your hard-earned certificates at this crossroads of your life.

For a sworn translation is legally binding, therefore the care, detail, confidentiality and perfection to carry out such a task are a challenge I must be up to.

A translation is very much like craftwork. First I need to see the original document, analyse the text, the paper used and the seals stamped, in order to deliver a merited translation.

I have been enjoying this craft for over 12 years, which now I combine with my other life project, my family and my two kids, to whom I hope to pass on my passion for languages and a job well-done.

English has been my passion ever since I felt the urge to understand what my favourite bands sang as a teenager. That led me to studying English Philology and, later, Translation and Interpreting. The best decision I have ever made, and my inspiration.

Who would have thought that such an absent-minded teenager would end up becoming one of the most highly considered sworn translators in Navarra, the official translator of Public University of Navarra, and teaching business English to hundreds of professionals!

BTW, if you want to be updated on next training sessions and online webinars be sure to befriend me on LinkedIn. 

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María Basterra has been the recipient of the European Fund of Regional Development, which aims to improve competitiveness among SMBs, and thank to which she has launched an International Digital Marketing Plan to improve her online positioning in foreign markets in 2020/21. In order to do so she has counted on the support of the Programme XPANDE DIGITAL of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Navarra.

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