Are you coming to study or work at University?

Congratulations! You are about to embark on an unforgettable stage, do not let the paperwork cast a shadow on its beginning.

I am certain that at university they have already driven you crazy with all the requirements to meet – maybe you have to get your master’s degree translated, the syllabus or even the agreement both universities have signed.

Estudiar o trabajar en la universidad España
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Do you know what steps to take to get a document translated so it is official in Spain?


First and foremost, now that you are still at home, do not forget that the diplomas are sometimes not enough – in the US and UK you need to apostille them at a notary’s office. Make sure you have everything you need properly certified before getting on with the translation.


Next comes the sworn translation. This is where I can help. Tell me about your situation and I can go through the steps with you so you do not miss anything. I will make sure that the translations are valid and official, of course, but not only that. I will also add the notes, clarifications and explanations necessary to make the content as clear as possible. The person in charge of dealing with it will not have any doubt that you meet all the requirements.


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