Are you coming to live in Spain?

I am sure you have already been asked a bank statement to let you stay here, or even an affidavit of your partner, right? Do not worry, I will try to lighten your problems so you can focus on finding your dream job and can get used to this new place.

Do you know what steps to take to have your documents translated?


Send me your documents scanned and I will draft a quote including just what needs translating – my job consists of speeding up processes and helping my clients save time and money.

Tell me what you need and we will see together how to get it. Click here and I will draft your quote.

María Basterra delante de un ordenador

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Click here and I will prepare a quote for you

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María Basterra has been the recipient of the European Fund of Regional Development, which aims to improve competitiveness among SMBs, and thank to which she has launched an International Digital Marketing Plan to improve her online positioning in foreign markets in 2020/21. In order to do so she has counted on the support of the Programme XPANDE DIGITAL of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Navarra.

“One way to create Europe”

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